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Choosing the best hot drink solution for your workplace!

Renting or purchasing the right hot drink machine for your workplace can be a daunting task!

We have put together some considerations and tips for choosing the best hot drink solution or coffee machine to satisfy your workforce!

Considerations to make!

Your staff:

  • Footfall.  How many employees do you have and how many cups are consumed each day?  The output and speed of each cup of coffee is important.. for example, 240 cups an hour or 40 seconds per cup etc.  Look for this information in the full specification of coffee machines.
  • Hot drink options.  Do you require a wide selection of hot drinks or just coffee?  There are many types of coffee machines that provide different drink options by using pods and capsules.  For example, if it is mainly fresh brew coffee and tea you require, then a brewer such as the FLAVIA® Barista creates delicious coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and authentic espressos at the push of a button but there are smaller machines that also provide a great choice of drink options.  You could also consider a water boiler or speciality tap to make your own hot drinks.
  • Visitors.  You may require a different type of machine for your visitors, a quicker output with multiple drink options or a smaller machine for your reception area.

Your environment: 

  • Kitchen / Location.  Consider the area that staff make their hot drinks and how many areas are used – you may need more than one hot drink machine.  Accessibility is important too – avoid congestion in a small area!  Although most machines are fairly quiet, the noise may not be welcome right next to someone’s desk!
  • Size.  How big is the area that you wish to place your new device?  This will make a difference whether you can fit an all singing all dancing Barista Machine or a smaller Mini Magnum that has a footprint of just 16.5cm wide!
  • Water availability.  Your new machine will require water!  Do you have a tap nearby to fill the machine or mains water supply to plumb into?  This will make a difference whether you choose a plumbed in machine or one to be jug filled?
  • Power.  An available plug socket will need to be close to the machine.
  • Storage.  For your drinks supplies!  Make sure you have good storage close by for your consumables which will help to keep the area clean and clutter free!  A bin nearby is always a good idea for empty pods, stirrers, cups etc..

Hot drink/coffee machine

  • Type.  Other than fresh brew or instant hot drink machines, you could look at the option to make your own cuppa with instant hot water solutions such as a water boiler or electronic/speciality tap.  Take a look at our range of hot drink machines/solutions click here>> coffee machines, hot water boilers and commercial taps
  • Quality.  Does the quality of coffee matter to you i.e. fresh brew or instant? The taste will be quite different depending on the type of machine you chose, the brewing method and the type of coffee used.
  • Ease of use.  How easy is it to make a hot drink?  Does it require much preparation to make a drink?
  • Cleaning. It is a good idea to check the cleaning of your new machine.  Some machines just need to wiped down externally, others may need a deeper clean that will take time and planning.  Rental machines will usually have a 6 monthly servicing agreement.
  • Costs.  Look at your budget – whether it is right for you to rent or purchase a machine.  Renting a machine will mean no upfront cost, it will be regularly serviced and if anything should go wrong with the machine, it will be repaired or replaced.
Selection of Coffee Machines

So depending on your answers to the points above, your physical environment and the capacity/output required, should determine what type of machine you require.  Always drill down through the specifications to find out what the machine offers.

To help you further, take a look at our Coffee page where you will find a range of coffee machines to suit all requirements.



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