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A flexible and efficient way
to order bottled water and
manage your account.

Scheduled Orders

With our Scheduled Order notifications, you will be informed when we are delivering in your area. Depending
on which type of account you have with us, either confirm or amend your regular order, or place a new order.

You have a regular delivery

If you have water delivered at a regular frequency, you will receive an email confirming your next delivery date, and how many bottles you will receive.

If everything looks good then no further action needed, except for you to enjoy your water! If you wish to make changes – like updating the quantity of bottles or cancelling your order – simply click on the link in your email and amend your order.

No need to call us, you have control. It couldn’t be simpler.


You order as-and-when required

We’ll let you know when we’re next delivering in your area. You’ll receive an email with an option to place an order if you need to. If you don’t need anything, then no need to take any further action.

This type of account is perfect for customers who don’t want or need regular orders and prefer a more flexible arrangement.

You haven’t ordered for a while

If you haven’t ordered with us for a while, we won’t send you a Scheduled Order email. Instead, we will invite you to use our Customer Portal (see below).

But if you find that your requirements increase and it would be nice to receive a helpful reminder or a regular order, please let us know and we’ll make sure you’re included.


MyWater Customer Portal

This is a secure customer area where you will be able to order water, view
your invoices, and make payments. Manage your account all in one place.

my water

Whether you pay for your water as you go or have a credit account, you can manage
everything in one place with the MyWater customer portal. Accessible on all devices;
you can order water, view invoices, or make a payment from your computer or mobile.

If you don’t have scheduled water deliveries, or need water or cups before your next
scheduled delivery, you can simply place a new order through the portal.



How will I know whether I have been added to receive a ‘Scheduled Order’?

This is based on your account history. If you receive regular water deliveries for your office or home, then we will add you to the Scheduled Order notifications. The aim is to make your life easier. You will either be informed that we have an order ready for you, with a planned delivery date. Or you will be asked whether you want to order water for a certain date.

What happens if I do receive Scheduled Order notifications, but need to order water before my next scheduled delivery date?

This is simple – just log into your ‘MyWater’ customer portal and place an order there. If you have a credit account with us you simply add the water to your account, and either choose to pay right away, or wait till you are invoiced.

How can I get added to receive a Scheduled Order notification?

If your requirements increase and you think it would be helpful to receive a reminder or a regular order get in touch with our Customer Services Team and we’ll get you included.

I’m receiving Scheduled Order notifications but don’t want them, what do I do?

Simply contact our Customer Services Team and we’ll remove you from the system. You’ll still have access to the MyWater customer portal to place orders as-and-when you need water.

I’m not a customer but need a regular, reliable water delivery service, how do I get started with an account?

We’re here to help. Get in touch and we’ll get you set up with an account tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a large business, construction site, office, small business, or home – we’ve got you covered.

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