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Our water cooler team  pride themselves on supplying first class hot and cold hydration solutions for businesses and organisations across the UK.  We are committed to delivering high quality and first rate water cooler products on time and with a smile, placing customer satisfaction at the very top of our priority list.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions below which hopefully will help you.  However, if you cannot find an answer to your query, our customer service team are always on hand to help, so give them a call on 0344 579 3999

Water cooler help

How long does it take for my water cooler to be delivered?

We aim to schedule both the water cooler installation and its delivery at a time that suits you. Typically, we deliver bottled water coolers within 48 hours and mains fed water coolers in 3-4 days.

Does my water cooler need to be serviced and if so, what should I do?

Yes, under health and safety regulations and the BWCA guidelines, all bottle fed water coolers need to be serviced every 3 months, while mains fed water coolers must be serviced every 6 months and the filter changed. However, don’t worry, you don’t need to call or book a service. Our sanitisation system will automatically inform us when it’s time for your water cooler to be serviced and one of our sanitisers  will visit your office and service your water cooler. This should take no longer than 20 minutes of your time and will not cause any disruption to your office.

Why should I choose a water cooler for my workplace?

Having water available to staff throughout the day that not only tastes good but can be served chilled or at an ambient temperature encourages employees to keep hydrated. The benefits to employees who are adequately hydrated is well documented.  It also shows that you care about your staff and guests – a watercooler in your reception area for those waiting for meetings!

What water cooler should I choose?

We have many different water dispensing systems to suit most workplaces, organisations and homes.  Our customer service team will be able to advise which water cooler is best suited to your environment.  Should you wish to have a mains fed water cooler, there must be a mains water supply near the area you want to situate your water cooler.

What’s the difference between buying and renting a water cooler?

Water cooler rental is an inexpensive option and when you no longer require the machine, it will be collected. If the machine develops a fault that cannot be repaired it will be replaced free of charge. Also, an old machine can be upgraded to a newer model and bottled exchanged for plumbed-in at any time (if the site is suitable!).  Purchasing a water cooler is an expensive outlay but an asset to the company.  It will not be covered for repairs or aging.


Are water coolers difficult to install?

Edgar’s Water engineers are fully trained to install your water system free of charge which is a fairly straight forward procedure.  Bottled water coolers just need an electric socket. Plumbed-in water coolers and drinking water boilers need an electric socket and mains water supply. Electronic taps and drinking water fountains also need drainage.

Are water coolers easy to maintain? How long will it take me to maintain my water cooler?

Maintenance is taken care of by our sanitisers on a three or six monthly basis. The sanitising process takes only about 15 to 20 minutes.  However, we ask that you regularly clean the drip trays and keep the water systems wiped clean externally –  just wipe them over with a damp cloth occasionally! The drip tray can be removed and popped in the dishwasher.


Do you deliver water nationwide?

Yes, we can deliver water to businesses and organisations nationwide with the assistance of our working partners to areas that our delivery routes do not cover!

Bottled water and how to order

How often will the bottled water for my water cooler be delivered?

Water bottle deliveries are set up on a fortnightly delivery schedule which takes place on the same day of every second week. This way, it is easy to work out how much water is needed to keep your workplace hydrated. More frequent bottled water deliveries can be made if you find that your water usage is higher – please speak to our customer service team.

Do I have to repeatedly order my bottled water?

No, your bottled water will automatically be placed onto our fortnightly delivery schedule. The delivery will take place on the same day every second week, regardless of whether you require more water or not. If you don’t require any more bottled water, it’s no problem, we will save it until you do.

Is there a minimum amount of water that our office needs to order?

There isn’t a minimum amount. Nevertheless, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that your office has enough bottled water for your water cooler to last two weeks.

What happens if we run out of bottled water?

Should you run out of bottled water or consumables, Edgar’s Water provide a free 24-48 hour emergency service to cater for your needs. However, we understand the importance of keeping your staff hydrated so through extensive planning and organisation, we do our best to help you avoid such situations.

What should we do with our empty bottles?

It’s simple, all empty bottles are collected when we deliver your new bottled water. Saving you hassle, this system means that empty water bottles aren’t left lying around the office. Moreover, being environmentally conscious, if bottles are rejected for re-use in our strict quality controlled cleaning process, they’re broken down into tiny pieces and recycled. Edgar’s Water is dedicated to providing a green, ethical and environmentally friendly water cooler and water boiler service.

Water cooler consumables

What consumables do I need?

For water coolers, you mostly will need cups – whether you decide to have recycled plastic cups or biodegrable paper cones, the choice is yours.  All our water coolers come with a cup dispenser fitted as standard.  Some water cooler, electronic taps and drinking water boiler models require filter and gas cylinder changes – which you can order from Edgar’s Water.  These are easy to change and install.

How often would I need to purchase the consumables?

The frequency of purchase is unique to every business but our water delivery men will check with you as they deliver your water, to ensure that you do not run out of cups or consumables you may require.

How do I order consumables for my water cooler?

Your delivery driver will check to see if you need consumables when he comes to deliver, alternatively, you can call our customer services department on 0344 579 3999 or email

Water fountains and boilers

Why should I have a drinking water fountain at my workplace?

A drinking water fountain is great for areas where a large number of people regularly require drinking water. The Blizzard is a free standing, mains pressure water dispenser designed for rugged conditions. It provides the most modern designs and materials available, and is engineered to the highest level of quality and dependability. Ideal for use in schools, gyms and construction sites! Most fountains are installed in schools or colleges either inside or outside in a playground. Internal ones can be chilled. One model we do has an anti microbe bubbler from which you drink. Some can have a bottle filler attached.

Why should I choose a drinking water boiler for my workplace?

Edgar’s Marco boilers provide boiling filtered water at the touch of a button and offer an endless supply of crystal clear, filtered boiling drinking water, giving tea and coffee a much better taste. Mains water is transformed as it passes through the filtration system housed within the boiler, which also reduces permanent hardness in the water and so reduces the build up of scale. The filter is not inside the boiler, it is external, quite large and needs its own space for installation. Our filters also remove chlorine, therefore giving the water a fresh taste. The new Eco range of boiler is energy efficient and comes with an economy mode which is a great way of saving energy, money and reducing your carbon footprint. Mains fed boilers are quick and easy to install and look great in any kitchen or staff area. And of course, a boiler eliminates queues and waiting time for the kettle for to boil!


Does Edgar's Water work with any charities?

Yes, most certainly. We support many charities: St Barnabas House, Chestnut Tree House, The British Heart Foundation, Help for Heroes and Marie Curie Cancer Care to name a few. Edgar’s Water have partnered with Drop4Drop in an effort to raise awareness and support countries such as Africa and India that are facing a water crisis.  In recent years, we have raised over £100,000 for the children’s charity Barnardos, who are dedicated to helping vulnerable children and young people. Edgar’s Water is also a proud supporter of the British Heart Foundation; playing a significant role in the London to Brighton Bike Ride for many years, handing out over 24,000 bottles of water at the finishing line. We also ensure that some of our charity work supports our local communities including the local dogs home, childrens wards and hospices.

Beside water, what other products do Edgar's water offer?

We offer the complete office solution for refreshments and nutrition. Comprising of three companies, Edgar’s Water, Edgar’s Fruit and Edgar’s Coffee, we are able to meet all your team’s hot and cold hydration needs as well as providing a service delivering fruit fresh and healthy snacks to your office. Furthermore, Edgar’s Coffee supply fresh brew coffee machines which are designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today’s workplace. Branded coffees, teas, chocolate and other speciality drinks are on offer with additional accessories such as coin pay mechanisms, merchandisers and base units providing a hot drink solution that suits your environment and budget.

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