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Hot and bothered? Keeping hydrated is even more important during hot weather..

We all know that keeping hydrated is paramount to keep your body and mind healthy throughout the year… whatever the weather!

But during heatwaves and of course, if you’re heading off on holiday to sunnier and hotter climes, it is essential that you keep your body topped up with fluids – preferably water!  (Some drinks such as coffee, energy drinks or alcoholic drinks, are no substitute for water as they contain ingredients that are dehydrating!)

Our ‘normal’ body temperature is around 37c but when the weather is particularly hot, the body will sweat excessively to keep the body cool (through evaporation on the skin). If you don’t keep hydrated then your body will produce less sweat which will increase your body temperature and your body will struggle to cool down.

So regardless of your level of activity the best thing to do is to drink before you feel thirsty!   Drink little and often! The best indicator of dehydration is the colour of your urine – it should be pale in colour; if it is dark then you are dehydrated!

Here are some delicious refreshing water recipes to encourage you to drink more water, particularly in hot weather!

These can be made up in a jug or added to a refillable water bottle or infuser! The longer you allow the fruit, herbs and vegetables to infuse, the more intense the flavour will be!   These water recipes will certainly quench your thirst!  Enjoy!

Strawberry Mint Water

Simply slice a few strawberries and add 3 or 4 leaves of fresh mint (slightly crushed to release the flavour) – add water.

Zingy Citrus Water

Add a few slices of any of the following – whatever you have to hand!  Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit infused with water!

Cucumber and Mint Water

Slice about 6-8 slices of cucumber and add 3-4 leaves of mint (slightly crushed) – then add water!

Watermelon and Basil Water

Leave the skin on the watermelon (preferable washed!) and cut into small pieces – add about 6 pieces of watermelon and a small handful of fresh basil and add water!  Infuse, refrigerate and enjoy!

Raspberry and Blueberry Water

Press the fruit lightly with the back of a spoon to release the flavours and then add about 8 – 10  raspberries and 10 – 12 blueberries with a few slices of lemon and just add water!


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