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How Edgar’s are helping with the plastic epidemic

Plastic pollution is becoming an ever more important subject in the environmental news. The main problem is that most plastics last forever. It is not bio-degradable. Instead after around 700 years plastic ‘photo-degrades’ – which means it turns into smaller toxic bits which aren’t going away any time soon!

Most plastic waste eventually finds its way into the world’s oceans, where there is now 6 times more plastic debris than there is plankton, the organism that supports most marine life. There is actually an island in the North Pacific that is made mostly of old plastic. It’s the size of India, Europe and Mexico combined. 15.451 million square kilometers. To put that into perspective, that’s an island 64 times bigger than the UK. All made up of rubbish.

At Edgar’s Water we have a great customer base who too are worried about what we do with our plastics after we are finished with them. In fact, on social media it is one of our most asked questions! We can assure those people now that we care about the environment just as much as you do.


The plastics we use come in three main forms. Cups, bottles and water coolers. All of which are recycled.


Our plastic cups are super easy to recycle! This can be done by you as they are made of standard polypropylene, which is accepted by most recycling programmes, although it’s always best to check first!

Our water cooler bottles we recycle for you. Our bottles tend to enjoy life on the road for around five years, being cleaned and reused all over the UK – recycling in its most basic form. Eventually, some become too battered to use and these are compacted and sent to a recycling facility. None of them get thrown into general waste.

Our water coolers work in a similar way. They last a very long time, sometimes going onto multiple subscriptions before they reach the end of their life. When that moment comes, we strip the water cooler for any bits we can use for spare parts, a very simple act of recycling! The rest is then removed by a specialist who safely disposes of the refrigeration components, with the remaining part of the water cooler being sent to recycling plants.


“Is there more that we could do?” This is the question we ask ourselves every day.


Here at Edgar’s Water we aren’t happy with enough being enough and are constantly looking into ways of making our products more environmentally friendly. Even as I write this article we are already looking into bio-degradable cups, metal cooler bottles – which are cheaper and easier to recycle than plastic ones – and a host of other products that have a positive impact on our planet. We are also looking at suppliers of small pack bottles made only of plant materials (but look like plastic), and also water in aluminium cans!

This doesn’t mean you should stop talking to us about it! We love hearing your concerns in relation to the environment as it makes us strive to be better. Keep those comments coming in! Your feedback is valuable to us!

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