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It is the policy of Edgar’s Water to encourage the importance of wellbeing and remaining fit and healthy in the work place. To help prevent fatigue all drivers must adhere to their daily rest and weekly rest periods. Any employee undertaking additional employment must notify Edgar’s Water to ensure this does not affect their role.

The Distribution Manager will provide fresh fruit weekly to our drivers and an unlimited supply of water. We will conduct an annual wellbeing day to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and general fitness for all employees. We will recommend medical advice is sought if these checks are indicative of illness or stress.

The Distribution Manager will plan and arrange six monthly eye tests for all drivers and keep a copy on record. By spot checking drivers we will ensure they are wearing their prescriptive eye wear when driving.

If any member has been absent from work other than annual leave, a return to work interview will be conducted by a member of the management team. The employee will only be allowed to return to work, once deemed fit, or any adjustments to their work have been made where required.

The use of or being under the influence of intoxicants, either alcohol or illegally obtained drugs, whilst on the company premises or undertaking any company duties will not be tolerated.

Should you arrive at or at anytime whilst at work, be considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be sent home without pay.

We recognise that persistent excessive drinking or drug dependency is illnesses which require supportive action. Help cannot be provided if an employee does not approach us for assistance or if, when encouraged to seek treatment, does not co-operate. An employee will not be subject to the Company Disciplinary Procedure if, following diagnosis, the individual accepts help and receives treatment in consultation with the Company’s Medical Adviser. However, the employee will be subject to the normal Disciplinary Procedure if their performance or attendance is not satisfactory and we have not been approached for help with drink or drug problems or the employee does not co-operate when encouraged to seek treatment.

If an employee is found or believed to be either taking drugs, which have not been prescribed by a medical practitioner, buying or selling drugs or in possession of unlawful drugs, this may be deemed to be committing an act of Gross Misconduct justifying dismissal without notice or pay in lieu of notice.

Signed for and on behalf of Edgar’s Water
Simon Edgar
Operations Director

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