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Water cooler sanitisation

Bottled water is defined by legislation as a food product and must therefore be treated as such when bottled, stored, delivered and dispensed from a water cooler.  Industry regulations demand that all water coolers are regularly sanitised – every 3 months for a bottled water dispenser and every 6 months for a plumbed in water cooler.  This level of maintenance involves cleaning which removes visual dirt and sanitising which destroys any bacterial contamination.  The sanitisation fluid used is food approved and is not harmful to humans and has little taste or smell.

In order to keep your bottled water cooler hygienic and safe, we provide approved timed sanitisation programmes .  Our fully trained water coolers Sanitisers work to BWCA standards making sure your water cooler is working properly and fully sanitised.

Sanitising your water cooler takes around 20 minutes with no disturbance to your office or workplace.  Our Sanitiser will check and sanitise each working part.  If there are any problems with parts, these will be replaced if possible on site, if not they will be ordered and fitted as soon as possible.

You do not have to call us to request a sanitisation (unless there is a problem), we will automatically schedule your cooler to be thoroughly cleaned and checked.

Mains fed water cooler

For plumbed in water coolers, we schedule a six monthly visit to clean, disinfect and change the filter.

The external parts of the mains fed water cooler are cleaned and internal water contact surfaces and taps disinfected.  Direct Chill machines are flushed through with an approved sanitising fluid and is then thoroughly rinsed through with fresh water.   Filters and UV lights (where applicable) are also changed on each visit.  Function tests including flow and temperature are also carried out.


Bottled water cooler

For bottled water coolers, we schedule a quarterly visit to sanitise, clean and check your cooler.

The external parts of the water cooler are thoroughly cleaned and the disinfecting of all internal water contact surfaces, pipework and taps are disinfected with a food approved sanitising fluid.  Function tests including flow and temperature are also carried out.

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