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BACK TO WORK? GUIDE TO USING YOUR WATER COOLER SAFELY If you are returning to work after lockdown, by following these simple instructions, you should have your water dispenser back up and running in just a few minutes: BOTTLE DISPENSERS: Ensure the cooler is switched on Remove the bottle, drain the dispenser through the taps …

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Drinking water from water coolers is one of the best, convenient and most sustainable ways of providing healthy, safe, and hygienic hydration for your staff. HERE ARE SIMPLE STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS HYDRATED SAFELY: Regularly wipe water cooler taps and dispensing area using food-safe antibacterial wipes or spray Empty the drip …

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Is it safe to drink water abroad?

In today’s world, we take for granted that in most western countries, drinking water from a tap or outlet is safe to consume! It may not always taste the best but we can mostly assume that it is ok to drink water from a tap in most western countries!  However, this is still not the …

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The importance of hydration for children

Hydration for children is an important subject!  Many of us may not be aware that children are more susceptible to dehydration than adults. Children have a higher requirement of water in relation to their bodies than adults.  They are less tolerant of heat which leaves them vulnerable to dehydration in hot weather and/or when exercising …

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Can drinking water help you to lose weight?

Drinking water has many health benefits but if you are trying to lose weight, then you really should make sure you are adequately hydrated. Water is one of the most important elements of the human body. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water!  The human body uses water in every cell, organ, and …

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Choosing the best hot drink solution for your workplace!

Renting or purchasing the right hot drink machine for your workplace can be a daunting task! We have put together some considerations and tips for choosing the best hot drink solution or coffee machine to satisfy your workforce! Considerations to make! Your staff: Footfall.  How many employees do you have and how many cups are …

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Top tips for looking after your water cooler!

Keep your water cooler in tip-top condition and sparkling clean! Edgar’s Water advise that a little light maintenance to take care of your water cooler should be carried out regularly.  They are easy to maintain with a little tlc!  So whether you have a bottled or mains fed water dispenser, we’ve put together some top …

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Are you raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration?

Awareness days, weeks or months are a great way to communicate a specific message to groups of people or individuals. Awareness days can accentuate vital information around specific health issues giving us the impetus to take action and make positive lifestyle changes.  Nutrition and Hydration week is from 11th to 17th March this year; its objective …

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Keeping hydrated during exercise is essential

The festive period is now over and many of us will be struggling to take off the weight we managed to so easily put on at Christmas!  January is a time when people address their over indulgence by increasing their exercise and decreasing their intake of alcohol and high calorie foods! As we all know, being adequately …

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Overindulging at Christmas can be avoided

Christmas, and the weeks leading up to the big day, are full of alcoholic beverages and food temptations!  Christmas parties and social nights out expose us to eating and drinking more than we normally would over an extended period of time – culminating in a week of indulgence between Christmas Day and New Year!  The abundance …

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