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Overindulging at Christmas can be avoided

Christmas, and the weeks leading up to the big day, are full of alcoholic beverages and food temptations!  Christmas parties and social nights out expose us to eating and drinking more than we normally would over an extended period of time – culminating in a week of indulgence between Christmas Day and New Year!  The abundance of delicious foods at Christmas are difficult to avoid but dealing with indulgence and managing the temptation to ‘overindulge’ is paramount to feeling good and keeping healthy during the Festive season, and of course, the aid to your recovery to normal!

You can help yourself to keep fit and well during the festive period by following a few basic principles…

Running on empty is not a good way to start your party night! 

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can have disastrous consequences with your evening ending way too early!  Not only will alcohol be absorbed into your system too quickly, it is also incredibly bad for your health as it will overload your liver and can cause inflammation of the digestive tract!   Not a good start to feeling well during the festive season!  However, apart from abstaining, eek, this can be avoided by having something to eat before drinking as it will slow down the absorption of alcohol and prevent flooding your bloodstream!  Choose foods with good fat content as it slows down the digestive process keeping your gut lined for longer.  Also, try to snack on nuts during the evening as this will keep your blood sugars stable and your body replenished with nutrients that can get lost with excessive alcohol consumption!   Alcohol depletes B vitamins which can leave you feeling sluggish and tired, so try eating foods high in vitamin B will help, such as dark green leafy vegetables, wholegrains, meat and fruit.  Remember too that alcoholic drinks are high in calories!

Keep hydrated

Keeping topped up with water is paramount to prevent dehydration.  Sipping water in between your alcoholic drinks will help your kidneys to flush out the toxins that enter your body during a boozy evening out!  Drinking plenty of water and keeping hydrated will also help to prevent headaches, fatigue and a dry mouth.

Swap food choices

According to the British Dietetic Association, on average, 6,000 calories are consumed per person on just Christmas Day. Wow!  An extra 500 calories a day for 7 days will increase your weight by 1lb to 2lbs!  However, a great way to still enjoy that Christmas meal, but not stack up on the calories and foods that are high in sugar and fat, is to increase the portions of vegetables on your plate, so reducing the space for the higher carbohydrate foods!  You will still feel full but consume less calories!

Get active

Being active will help to burn off those unwanted calories!  Even though going to the gym may be too difficult while you’re staying with your relatives or busy being host, try to take a brisk walk in the fresh air when you can – this will also help destress if things are getting a bit too hot in the kitchen!

Our conclusion is that you can eat well and enjoy Christmas goodies and nights out but try not to overindulge and always, try to drink plenty of water and this above all else, will help to flush out the toxins and help your kidneys and liver cope with a little overloading!




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