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Water cooler accessories

Cups, bottle racks, gas cylinders and more

Edgar’s Water provide a professional, regular delivery service ensuring that our customers receive everything they need in order to keep hydrated. Below are a few popular water cooler accessories but if you don’t see what you need, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Cups and cones

Recyclable water cups

The 200ml water cups have aneat rolled rim and work perfectly with water cooler cup dispensers. They are suitable for use with cold drinks and ideal for use in the workplace.

Biodegradable paper cones

110ml cone shaped water cups in white paper, for cold drinks and single use only. Perfect for use where conventional flat bottomed drinking cups are not suitable. The Genpak paper cone is compostable and biodegradable.

Cup dispensers

Cup dispensers offer a hygienic way to dispense cups and are offered as standard with our water coolers.  These are optional if you choose not to have cups with your water cooler.   Some models of water coolers already have integral cup dispensers.

For more information on our recyclable options – go to our environment page

Water cooler bottle racks


  • White wire frame bottle rack, for full or empty bottles
  • Water cooler bottle racks come in three sizes, 3 bottle, 4 bottle and 6 bottle
  • A secure and tidy system to store water cooler bottles
  • Great for use in offices, warehouses and high volume areas to prevent cluttering and avoiding potential trip hazards!


Gas Cylinders

For use with all Borg & Overström sparkling water systems , a gas Co2 cylinder is required to provide sparkling water.

  • Compatible with B3, B4, B5, U1 and U2 Borg & Overström water dispensers
  • Cylinder can be disposed of in standard steel recycling or general waste. (Requires Co2 regulator with gauge)
  • Approximate consumption (based on 4bar pressure) 800 x 200ml cups sparkling water (160L)


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