Billi Taps

Instant filtered boiling, chilled  and sparkling water

Highly energy efficient filtered water systems that offer the very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability

  • Filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water
  • Under counter technology
  • Energy saving
  • Designer tap options
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Perfect for commercial kitchens and teapoints
  • Available in a stunning range of colours

Billi’s award winning boiling and chilled water systems are the choice of architects and designers for their space-saving timeless design.

Smarter, safer, more convenient, instant boiling, chilled, ambient and sparkling filtered water for the workplace


  • Greatest ‘immediate draw off’ boiling water dispense capacity
  • Up to 46% more space efficient than other systems
  • Architecturally designed contemporary dispenser taps available in a choice of colours
  • Up to 40.2% more energy efficient
  • Limescale treatment is to water going through the boiling tank only, so the taste of the filtered chilled water is not affected
  • All the boiling and chilled systems have a heat exchange system, so can be installed without ventilation

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Edgar’s Water are able to provide the ultimate office hydration solution.  Offering boiling water, chilled and sparkling water, the Billi tap is a simple yet convenient addition to any office. To make the process simple, our team offer support for all your requirements – from the initial specification right through to installation and on-going maintenance. Typcially, the price of the Billi taps include a full system; the tap, drainage font (optional), scale filter kit, installation and annual Platinum Cover.


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Product Specifications

Billi SET Advantage
Space – Under counter technology

Space saving unit size
Economical use of under counter space (half the size of comparative models)

Automatic boiling water calibration

Factory preset at the perfect 98.5°C.

Boiling point varies by altitude, Billi systems identify the boiling point during the start up mode and sets the temperature accordingly,  ensuring your boiling water is as close to boiling point as possible.

Adjustable chilled water temperature
The chilled water temperature can be adjusted between 6°C and 15°C

Energy – Recovery, recycling and saving

Billi’s unique heat-exchange system uses change-of-state technology allowing a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored. Typically, this heat, generated during the chilling cycle, is wasted to the atmosphere. Billi recovers this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water enabling the system to achieve substantial energy savings.

  • 7 day time switch
  • Standby mode
  • No cupboard ventilation

An inbuilt 7 day time switch ensures the system is running only when it is needed, eliminating unnecessary out of hours power consumption.

An energy saving standby mode can be selected to activate after a preset time of non use. The Billi unit will power down to conserve energy.

Water cooled systems do not require cupboard ventilation or a cooling fan.


Cup dispensing rates
Time – Highest instant dispense cup rates

Billi offers a wide range of different combinations based on the required number of people it is going to service.

Boiling Delivery      90-250 cups per hour

Chilled Delivery      60-175

Sparkling Delivery 60-120

Filtration and replacement filters
Advanced filtration technology

The filters use Fibredyne™ technology which is fibrous and matted together, increasing the surface area of the carbon. This means there is greater contact time and improved quality of filtration. Genuine Billi filters are recommended which Edgar’s Water can supply.

Replacement filters

Replacement of filter cartridges is necessary to maintain water quality.  Cartridges are also available to suit the needs of different water supply areas. Billi recommend using premium sub micron filtration in bad water quality areas.

Easy change replacement filter

Flashing amber dispenser icons indicate when replacement is due. The swing change filter simply swings forward and slides off.  Fitting the new filter is just as easy – simply slide the filter in and swing it back. The cartridge locks into place.

Scale management

In the areas of hard to medium limescale, the Billi appliance warranty is only valid if a scale filter has been fitted.

The filter size should be specified to suit the size of the unit, level of use and the hardness of the water.

Billi’s unique scale management system filters only the water on the way to boiling tank allowing necessary treatment to occur on the high risk boiling side without affecting the taste of the chilled water.

Billi’s choice of filter with its new water filtration and conditioning technology is the world’s first filter system to effectively combine hardness reduction, mineral stabilisation and corrosion inhibition by maintaining a controlled low carbonic acid level in the water.

As a result, it delivers the best available water quality while preventing scale information in machines and inhibiting metal migration (corrosion) of sensitive machine parts across the widest range of water hardness levels. Billi’s scale filters with large capacity to space ratio and compact dimensions has the ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically. With very low pressure loss, the Billi scale filter is the ideal choice at locations with low mains pressure

Power and water supply required

Water supply

The water supply must be microbiologically safe to drink, with a minimum dynamic water pressure of 2.5 bar.

Power supply

All Billi systems require a standard 13 amp power supply with the exception of the Quadra 4100 and Quadra Plus 15 which
requires a 20amp power supply.

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