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Oasis KaliX with
Contactless & UV Filtration

The ultimate 100% hygienic
mains fed water cooler

Contactless foot pedal dispense eliminates the spread of germs

This ambient & cold point-of-use water cooler is equipped with a contactless foot controlled dispense. Zero hand contact is required to dispense the water, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.


  • Easy, contactless foot pedal activated water dispensing.
  • Stylish silver & black design
  • Sealed cooling system provides a sanitary environment and reduces cleaning frequency
  • Efficient cooling system with quick cold water recovery for consistent cold water dispensing Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray Energy star rated

UV Filter removes 99.99% of harmful pathogens and bacteria, providing clean and safe drinking water

The UV Filter is a highly effective water steriliser which destroys viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted micro-organisms within the drinking water, rendering the water free from contaminants.


  • The industries most compact, energy efficient and intelligent UV steriliser
  • Low mercury content makes it totally safe to use
  • Long service life will last 6000 operation hours or at least 3 years
  • LED panel on the filter makes it easy to monitor the device’s performance
  • The UV Filter is installed inside the water cooler by our installation team

Product Specifications

KaliX dimensions

W 12 3/4” x D 13 1/2” x H 43 3/4”

Approximate Net Weight:
Ambient and cold | P1PVK | PF1PVK 51lbs.

KaliX specifications

Cabinet: ABS plastic top and front with removable metal side panels.

Cold Water Refrigeration Unit: Convection
cooled condenser. Internally spring mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubrication needed.  Refrigerant is controlled accurately by a capillary tube.

Cold Water Thermostat: Temperature is controlled by an adjustable thermostat with “OFF” position that is easily accessible on the rear of the cabinet.

Cold Water Reservoir: Two-piece, type 300 series stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Filter Models: Models with Filters include a Two-Stage Sediment & Carbon Lead Filtration System. Green filters are ecofriendly with reusable, refillable housings –
only the filter elements need replaced.

Drip Receptor: Two-piece drip tray lifts out for easy removal. Molded for durability and dishwasher safe. Can be tapped to run to a waste drain.

Electrical: 115 volts, 60 Hertz. 1/20 hp water cooler compressor. Three wire service cord and polarized plug furnished.

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