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Are you raising awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration?

Awareness days, weeks or months are a great way to communicate a specific message to groups of people or individuals.

Awareness days can accentuate vital information around specific health issues giving us the impetus to take action and make positive lifestyle changes.  Nutrition and Hydration week is from 11th to 17th March this year; its objective being to help us be more aware of diseases or illnesses that can be caused by poor nutrition and dehydration.  It helps us to understand how we can all prevent this, giving people the knowledge and determination to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

The ultimate aim of a health awareness campaign is to encourage behavioural change and help people to improve not only their own health and wellbeing but of those around them too!

We’ve got some fun ideas that you can do at work or in your school or organisation to promote Nutrition and Hydration Week and get people talking about the benefits of good nutrition and being hydrated.  It is also a great way to increase productivity and make your staff feel valued.

  • Fruity Friday – celebrate the end of the week with delicious fresh fruit in the office!  Why not try fruit that you haven’t eaten before – maybe something more exotic such as guava or passion fruit?  Play ‘guess the weight’ of the pineapple or melon and donate to charity.
  • Thirsty Thursday – Make up some delicious fruit and vegetable infusions and share with your team!  Make sure meetings are fully hydrated with jugs of water!  Take a look at your hydration quota – are you really drinking enough water?  Keeping a bottle or glass of water at hand during the day encourages you to drink more water!
  • Wednesday – Global Afternoon Tea –  this is the highlight of every Nutrition and Hydration Week which always takes place on the Wednesday. It’s a great way to bring people together and create some joy and fun.  Click here for more information.
  • Tuck’s up Tuesday – Ditch the sugary and fatty snacks by introducing healthy snacks into the workplace.  Lentil and hummus crisps, dried fruit, raw nuts, fruit bars, wholegrain bites, coconut chips – are just some of the array of healthy snacks that are not only nutritious but contain less sugar and fat than normal snacks!
  • Mealtime Monday – encourage staff to bring in their healthiest recipes to share with their colleagues.  Ringing the changes in the kitchen and learning new ways to cook healthily is a positive way to look at your diet and make those changes!  Maybe take photographs of your creations in the kitchen and share with your colleagues!

Edgar’s Water and Edgar’s Fruit have written many blogs on the importance of hydration and the effects of dehydration as well as the nutritional benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.  Scroll through our Water blogs or for information on fruit and veg nutrition click here


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