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Top tips for looking after your water cooler!

Keep your water cooler in tip-top condition and sparkling clean!

Edgar’s Water advise that a little light maintenance to take care of your water cooler should be carried out regularly.  They are easy to maintain with a little tlc!  So whether you have a bottled or mains fed water dispenser, we’ve put together some top tips to help you get the most from your cooler.

  1. Keep it clean!

    Unplug your cooler from the mains socket.  Using a lint free soft cloth and a mild detergent (non abrasive) or water and vinegar, you can clean the outer casing, avoiding the black wire and tube condenser at the back.  The back of the machine can be vacuumed or dusted with a soft brush to remove any loose dirt that may have built up in the back.

  2. Don’t forget the drip tray!

    Drip trays are not drains; they are there to catch the occasional spillage!  However, drip trays can be forgotten and can overflow if not checked and emptied regularly!  It is easy to remove and can be cleaned using a mild detergent.

  3. Plug it in!

    Sometimes our customer service team will receive a call to say that their water cooler is not working properly!  Quite simply, it may have been unplugged!  Always check the plug first before giving us a call!  It is also important to know that you should turn off your water cooler if it is not in use or a period of time or without a water bottle on top!

  4. Bottle storage is important too!

    Bottles should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight and preferably, be kept off the floor to avoid any potential floor contamination. Make sure you rotate your bottles so that one bottle doesn’t get forgotten and go out of date!  If your water bottle has not been emptied within three weeks, it is important to change the bottle for a fresh bottle of water.  Never re-fill an empty water bottle.

  5. Sanitising your water cooler

    Although you may keep your water cooler sparkling clean, it is important that the internal mechanisms are sanitised to remove any bacterial contamination.  You can sanitise your own water cooler with the correct cleaning fluid and equipment but we would recommend our regular sanitisation visits which are every 3 months for a bottled cooler and every 6 months for a plumbed in/mains fed water cooler.  Not only do Edgar’s Water sanitise your water cooler, we will also check all parts are working properly.  For more information on our sanitisation process, read here.

  6. Placement of your water cooler!

    Make sure the site for your water cooler is convenient for people to use and not in a cluttered space or in a place where it can cause an obstruction!  Your water cooler will need power too, so make sure there is a socket nearby so it can be plugged in safely with no trailing wires or extension leads!  Keep it away from toilet entrances or toilet blocks.  It is preferable to let Edgar’s Water re-locate your water cooler, so do give us a call before attempting to move it!

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