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Our commitment to you begins from the moment you enquire with us – we are dedicated to excellent customer service to ensure we create a long lasting relationship.  We pride ourselves on being a down to earth and approachable company with a personal customer experience.

With over 55 years of  engineering and distribution experience within the company, Edgar’s Water continues to grow by focusing our attention on looking after our current customers and ensuring their customer journey is so fantastic they will want to spread the word!  Edgar’s Water is one of the largest independent suppliers of office water coolers and bottled water in the UK and provide pure English water which is drawn from our own boreholes in Kent.

Our Mission Statement

Our focus is to ethically achieve sustainable growth through providing profitable and affordable solutions that meet our customer’s needs.
How we do business is just as important as what we do; we aim to have a positive impact on all our staff and customers alike, through the high value that we place on people and relationships.


Edgar’s Water are dedicated to ensuring that every process our water goes through is monitored and completed in the safest and most ethical way. Our boreholes in Hadlow are looked after well and we have a vigorous and efficient filtering process which is what makes our water so great.

We store our water in breathable, filtered stainless steel tanks before the water is bottled.

Customer Service

We are passionate about providing a customer service that goes above and beyond. We try our very best to be accessible online and offline, our customer service team always aim to get back to you as quickly as possible. Sometimes circumstances change and you need to change your delivery time or location and we understand that, our team are happy to assist you with any changes or queries, all we ask is that you give us 24 hours notice.


Edgar’s Water are continuously looking for ways to remain sustainable, we have strict environmental and fuel consumptions policies to ensure that the standards are kept high. We only use recyclable bottles that are collected and re-used until their 5-6 year life span is up and then recycled again. Our fleet and delivery trucks are up to the latest European Emissions policy, we’ve managed to save 27% of fuel consumption to smart route planning! To learn more take a look at our Environmental Policies and Fuel Consumption management.



Edgar’s Water offers


  • Contractual flexibility to suit your water cooler needs
  • Value for money on all water fountains, coolers, cold water dispensers and boiler products
  • Regular deliveries and water cooler / boiler maintenance service
  • Free emergency deliveries outside of normal route service
  • Quality products and first class bottled water service
  • Happy, helpful staff who are dedicated to customer service
  • Minimal impact on the environment

Edgar’s Water is a member of The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) which underpins our commitment to provide a consistent and quality service to our customers.


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New customers, get advice and recommendations by calling our friendly Sales team.

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