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Why do we bang on about hydration?

Because… being adequately hydrated means looking after your health!


We are bombarded with messages about how much water we should be drinking!  The daily recommended 2 litres of water for an adult to drink seems a ridiculously large volume of water to consume in one day! Obviously, there are many factors that will affect this recommended intake of water..  from a training athlete to someone who is suffering with an illness or simply walking across the Sahara Desert (mmm!).. but this is the guide that some health authorities advocate!

However, the NHS recommends that your ‘fluid’ intake for the average person living in the UK is around 1.2 litres to prevent us becoming dehydrated.  The term fluid, however, could be somewhat misleading!  Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks all contain water and may seem to be hydrating you but they can also have a diuretic effect and be loaded with calories which of course will have a negative impact!  Water is a much healthier option which transports nutrients around your body to give you energy and keep you healthy – it regulates your temperature and lubricates your joints! The term fluid also includes some foods that have a high water content too; natural wholefoods contain the highest water content, fruit and vegetables contain around 80-90% water!

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so keeping this percentage topped up makes sense if you want to feel and look good as well as preventing illness.. There have been many discussions and studies around whether drinking lots of water is good for you – but drinking enough fluid to maintain an adequate level of hydration is paramount to keeping fit and well.  If you’re not adequately hydrated, your body will not perform or function at it’s best, you may feel fatigued and will be more susceptible to headaches and dizziness.  So I hope this justifies the message of hydration and why we should all drink water as often as we can!

A great tip to drink water is to have a re-fillable bottle of water on your desk, in the car, in your bag or wherever you are… take sips little and often and you will soon be consuming what your body requires!


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